Yoga and me

My name is Jop van Bragt and I work as a yoga teacher. I like to teach to make others feel the effect of yoga. I work a lot outside, physically, like to walk in the mountains and am occasionally in Norway, where I also teach.

If you want an impression of my other work click on the link to my other website. Below an impression of part of my training and experience:

  • Giving yoga classes since 2017. Now in my living town Visvliet, the Netherlands.
  • Giving individual breathing and yoga sessions.
  • Making of and giving the workshop Practical Awareness.
  • 200 hour teachers training Hatha yoga completed at Arhanta Yoga Netherlands.
  • 50 hour teachers training Vinyasa at Arhanta Yoga Netherlands.
  • Jikiden Reiki 1 (Shoden) and course intuitive awareness; Reiki Centre North Netherlands.
  • Ice cold workshop at Elysee health according to the Wim Hof Method.
  • Training mindfulness.
  • Training coach for High Sensitive Persons.
  • Long time experience with meditation. Over the years include groups like Vipassana meditation, Zen meditation, Rigpa, Osho.
  • The necessary knowledge about nutrition and how to apply it.

Participation in:

  • Ice cold workshop
  • Sweat lodge session and drum travel journeys
  • Osho Dynamic Meditation.
  • Sentense walking Isogaisa Norway.

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